The Gall Bladder Flush


I wanted to share with you my recent experience undertaking  a gall bladder and liver cleanse. I was inspired from having read the book "The Amazing Liver and Gall Bladder Flush" by Andreas Moritz and from the experience of my Colonic Hydrotherapy tutor, Anne-Lise Miller, herself the author of an amazing book "Too Young to Grow Old" which devotes several pages to the subject. 


epsom salts.jpg

In summary the experience itself was not half as bad as I had expected and the results were amazing! It is important to put aside 2 days for the flush so a weekend is ideal. In summary, on the evening of the first day you begin my taking epsom salts dissolved in water and then before going to bed you drink olive oil (the best quality if you can!) mixed with fresh pink grapefruit juice. The following morning you take more epsom salts. What happens is that the epsom salts succeed in opening fully the bile ducts which release bile to handle the volume of oil which is introduced. The grapefruit juice is mainly there to make the oil taste nicer and so become easier to swallow. It is important to note that preparation for the flush is critical - it is important to eat a non-fat dinner the day before and drink juices on the day. Before the flush it is necessary also to have a colonic to make sure that the colon is clear in order for the results of the flush to flow out through the body - rather than being introduced back into the body further down the digestive tract. A further colonic is then recommended after the flush to clear out all of the toxins which are produced.

gall bladder flush.jpg

The reason why it is so important is that our liver can become clogged up with toxins, can hold excess fat and may not being producing bile as effectively as it might. This impacts our digestive system and we become less effective in dealing with fats. We probably all suffer from the cumulative effects of over eating, too much fatty foods and the build up of toxins but its clear that the some people's livers will benefit more from the treatments than others.

My results however were quite spectacular, as can be seen from the picture. I found I had cleared a quantity of of brownish and greenish stones some of which were in the process of being formed. In the days that followed I felt I had more energy and my skin condition improved.

If you are interested in learning more please let me know as I have developed a fact sheet describing the procedure in more detail.  I would also like to find 2 or 3 people who would be happy to share with me the results of their flush and which I in turn can share anonymously with my clients. - For these people I will offer the colonic treatments before and after  at half price and will prepare the epsom salts, olive oil and grapefruit juice free of charge and just charge the cost of the ingredients.