Holistic Colonic Hydrotherapy

Holistic Colonic Hydrotherapy is concerned primarily with cleansing and re-training the bowel in order to support a healthy and re-energised lifestyle. A lot has been written on how accumulated waste and digestive issues create a range of other health issues and can detract from a feeling of "well-being". Whilst there may be more important health issues, this in part may simply due to a failure to breakdown and digest certain types of food accompanied with an inability to absorb nutrients in an efficient manner.

As such we see the treatment very much complementing other holistic therapies allowing the body to re-balance.

Ancient Egyptian and Greek culture placed an emphasis on intestinal cleansing and Ayurveda teaches the benefits of colon cleansing. Technological advances, particularly regarding safety and hygiene now allow the same principles to be applied in modern day life but in a much more accessible and straight forward manner, through formally trained and skilled practitioners. 

We would recommend colonic hydrotherapy to a person suffering from any of the following (assuming no contra-indicators):

- Digestive problems such as heartburn
- Fatigue or lack of energy
- Muscle and/or joint pain
- Difficulties losing weight
- Constipation, bloating, IBS
- Skin complaints

More generally, people often find colonic hydrotherapy as an efficient means of "kick-starting' a new health regime. 

An important part of the treatment is to re-instate a healthy bowel movement. To maintain this we may recommend changes to diet and life style. From her training and previous experience Alex is able to offer appropriate nutritional advice and herbal supplements.

As a trained hydrotherapist, Alex offers a 90 minute initial in depth consultation enabling her to determine an appropriate treatment plan followed by colonic treatment in comfortable and relaxing surroundings. Subsequent visits can be arranged as appropriate and typically last an hour.

Alex also offers ememas and implants as appropriate in order to help restore gut health, the colon being an excellent route to administer water soluble substances. 


Colonic Hydrotherapy

Initial Consultation & Treatment - 90 Minutes - £90

Subsequent Treatments - 60 Minutes - £75