Benefits of Castor Oil


Castor Oil, also known as Eranda is extracted from the castor oil plant (ricinus communus) and is native to India and Africa. It is an ancient medicinal herb and is classified in Ayurveda as sweet and astringent with anti-rheumatic, pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. Taken internally it is a strong laxative, relieves irritation or inflammation, antiflatulent, slightly expectorant, strengthening and rejuvenative in nature. (NB It should not be used internally if you suffer from diverticulitis or ulcerative colitis or if you are pregnant).

Useful Tips

  • one or two drops placed in the eyes at night will help with conjunctivitis and sties.

  • applied to the skin helps heal bruises

  • mixed with baking soda it can be used to treat and gradually remove moles and warts

  • mixed with ghee and neem powder (made from dried neem leaves) it helps clears up eczema, fungal infections and herpes

  • massaged on the skin it is good for aches and strains, gout, lumbago and stiffness

  • mixed in equal parts with honey it is a good remedy for hiccups (take 1/4 teaspoon every 15 seconds for 2 or 3 minutes)

  • a castor oil packs compressed against the abdomen will help strengthen the colon and reduce soreness or swelling and promote menstrual flow

  • mixed with flax oil and mustard it will reduce fibrocystic accumulation when massaged into mastic tissues

  • massage into the perineum will relieve prostrate or cervical problems

  • ingested with ginger tea at night will release toxins and promote strength and flexibility.

Colon Cleanse

As an alternative to colonic hydrotherapy a colon cleanse using castor oil will also remove bile from the gall bladder and toxins from the liver and is highly recommended.

  • warm 30 mls of castor oil (use a bain-marie)

  • at 7am take a hot bath, making sure your head is kept cool

  • drink the castor oil (suck on a piece of orange to take the taste away)

  • drink plenty of ginger tea

  • elimination will usually begin taking place in 1-4 hours (3-10 times). Stop taking liquid for the next hour.

  • Only when you start feeling hungry have a watery soup followed by another soup or broth in the evening