Fertility Massage was created by Clare Blake, a leading holistic fertility practitioner, who combined techniques such as abdominal-sacral massage, Rebozo, Pulsing and Guided Visualisations to create a unique blend of treatments, which are designed to bring balance and harmony to the reproductive system. 

‘The idea is to bring the organs within the abdominal area back into alignment, releasing pressure and strengthening the surrounding muscles and ligaments. This in turn improves blood flow and nerve signals to and from the reproductive organs, as well as helping to flush out toxins and balance hormones, all of which can enhance chances of conception.’

There is also a psychological element to the treatment designed to alleviate ‘mental blocks’, so visualisation techniques and special meditation are used to put you in the best possible frame of mind.

The important circulatory & improved blood flow effects that result enhances the Reproductive & Digestive System, and as such complements both natural attempts to become pregnant as well as specialist fertility treatments.

In general adopting a healthy and balanced lifestyle is an important in optimising both natural and assisted fertility approaches. The massage concentrates on the abdominal areas where our bodies often hold on to stresses and emotions. Many common phrases demonstrate how we link our emotions to our stomachs…”Butterflies in my tummy”, “Feel sick to my stomach” & “Gut wrenching”. Fertility Massage Therapy gently eases this tension, leaving you feeling freer in mind and body.

Normally a series of treatment is conducted during the course of your cycle in order to deal with the specific stresses that occur and put you in the best position to obtain a successful outcome.

"As a mother of 4 and as someone who has experienced miscarriages and an ectopic pregnancy as well as ultimately successfully completing IVF I am someone who is able to understand many of the anxieties and stresses of the fertility journey. This helps me in making connections with clients and during the treatment we can discuss common experiences which can in itself hep release tensions and emotions trapped within."


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If you are looking for fertility treatment, we recommend The Agora Gynaecology & Fertility Centre in Hove, East Sussex. They offer bespoke fertility services to both NHS and privately funded patients within a uniquely caring and supportive environment.