Holistic & Hydrotherm Treatments

Our range of Holistic Treatments includes full body, back & head and seated head massage.

Each massage is tailored to your specific needs or preferences and take place in the peaceful sanctuary of my treatment room in Lindfield in Sussex. Treatment descriptions are a guide - massages typically incorporate a variety of techniques depending on your needs and preferences.

For example, I am trained in cupping (as used by Olympic athletes) which can help with an array of ailments, including muscular pain, joint pain, skin problems and respiratory disorders, including the common cold, pneumonia and bronchitis. The idea is to provide you with something that will respond best to your needs. 

Hydrotherm Massage

In addition I offer Hydrotherm Massage. Resting on warm water cushions, you enjoy greater support, with pressure released from joints and muscles. Whilst enjoyable in its own right, this massage is particularly suited if you have restricted movement or prefer to avoid turning during the course of a massage. With the whole massage conducted on your back some of the movements and sensations are quite different. The therapist is able to access both front and back of the body during the same motion. 

Both Holistic and Hydrotherm Treatments uses NHR Organic Oils, a deeply nourishing range of nature’s finest organic plant oils, blended with the purest organic essential oils, which maximises their therapeutic and healing effect.


Holistic Treatments

Hydrotherm Treatments