Benefits of Facials

Breath in... Breath out...

You may merely enjoy the pampering and relaxation you feel when receiving a facial treatment, but there are a multitude of other benefits that offer you and your skin health and wellness.

Health Benefits

Lower Stress Levels

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s quite difficult to set aside time for yourself. However, it’s important to pamper yourself every now and then (for both your physical and mental health).  It’s also important for the sake of your skin, which can deteriorate due to stress. It’s been shown that stress can be a factor causing acne (as well as a range of other skin disorders, such as psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, erythema, and alopecia areata).

A study conducted in the User Science Institute in Japan reported the results of a 45-minute facial massage (including hydrating cream and steam treatment) on women aged 20 to 40. The study showed that facial massages significantly reduce anxiety and negative moods. During the massage, parasympathetic nervous activity is activated, which helps you rest and slow down.

Treat Acne and Acne Marks

These blemishes are sometimes painful and always unattractive, and you can’t help but yearn for clear, spotless skin (like you see on movie screens and in magazines). Flawless skin is possible, but oftentimes, over-washing your face or trying an array of different products backfires, which makes your breakouts worse. The products used during facials will be suitable for your skin type, and it’ll be properly applied after cleansing.

Improve Blood Circulation

When the blood vessels under the surface of your skin have poor circulation, it shows on your skin. Poor circulation makes you look pallid and sickly, and it prevents nutrients from enriching your skin tissues. However, researchers have found that massage significantly improves blood circulation, blood flow, and vascular function.


Your lymphatic system is a network of tissues and organs, which help your body dispel toxins, wastes, and other unwanted materials. It also helps purify and regenerate tissues. To filter out toxins and foreign substances (and keep your immune system strong), it’s imperative that your lymphatic system remain healthy and well-functioning.

Kama Products

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