Review: GUT by Giulia Enders

I've been interested in the gut for some time - it comes into play in my Well-Woman and Fertility treatments, as well as in Colonic Hydrotherapy. If you want a starting point for learning about the stomach and bowels, GUT: The inside story of our body's most underrated organ by Giulia Enders is the best book to read.

In the first chapter, Giulia explains how we essentially develop from three main cell groups - our cardiovascular system (centred in the heart), our nervous system (centred in the brain), and then digestive system (centred in the gut). Whereas the heart and brain are usually seen as core parts of the body and self, the gut often gets left behind. GUT is set to change this and put the organ which lives at the centre of our being onto the centre-stage.

This book really helps to start getting you connected to your gut. There's an explanation of how your food travels from the plate to the toilet bowl, as well as segments on allergies and intolerances, facts about faeces and information about the development of gut flora. You might have heard of the book also because of the detailed explanation of how we should be sitting on the toilet to best empty our bowels - which is why I recommend to anyone and everyone to have a little stool (pardon the pun!) in their bathroom. 


Although crammed with up to date research and scientific facts, GUT is written in an accessible and enjoyable manner. What's more, it is packed with passion and warmth, with lots of good humour too.

Have you read Giulia's fantastic book? Let me know what you thought about it or if you have any similar books to recommend!