After the first session, I felt like a weight had been lifted, hard to explain...

When I first met Alex I remember feeling hopeful, in that Alex will be able to assist with my fertility issues, in giving the fertility message a try I knew I had nothing to lose. My first few sessions were at Alex’s home and she made me and my husband feel welcome and relaxed even though we were complete strangers but this didn’t matter to Alex.

After the first session, I felt like a weight has been lifted, hard to explain but I wasn’t worried about my upcoming IVF treatment and left feeling far more positive. Through the massage Alex senses your energy levels and passes through her own positive energy...

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Fertility Massage - Highly Recommended.

I didn’t really know what fertility massage was but I thought I would give it a go. Alex took the time to get to know not just me and my miscarriages but also my full medical history.  

...I felt so cleansed and like my body really needed to let go of everything that had happened before. The period lasted 5 days and this was exactly how I used to be. I instantly felt stronger. Alex and I then plotted on my cycle when I needed to see her next. I had two massages’ that month and then when my period was due no period arrived. I took a test and couldn’t believe that two pink lines showed up. I could not believe it! I would highly recommend Alex’s therapy she has worked wonders.

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