Fertility Massage - Highly Recommended.

When I first met Alex I had not long had my second miscarriage. My body had not been right since. 

I didn’t really know what fertility massage was but I thought I would give it a go. Alex took the time to get to know not just me and my miscarriages but also my full medical history.  

I had been on medication since the operation and my usual 26-day cycle was still at 28 days. After the first massage I went home and a few weeks later my period began. This period came earlier and so began my first period on a 26-day cycle since having my operation. The period felt like just what I needed, it was heavier than normal but I felt so cleansed and like my body really needed to let go of everything that had happened before. The period lasted 5 days and this was exactly how I used to be. I instantly felt stronger. Alex and I then plotted on my cycle when I needed to see her next. I had two massages’ that month and then when my period was due no period arrived. I took a test and couldn’t believe that two pink lines showed up. I could not believe it! I would highly recommend Alex’s therapy she has worked wonders.