I would honestly recommend Alex and Launa to anyone...

After years of ongoing digestive and women's health issues, with little support from my GP, I was becoming more and more frustrated. Any attempts to address my health seemed hopeless. A member of my family recommended seeking holistic treatment and suggested Alex Olds Holistic Therapies. 

I wasn't sure what to expect when I first met with Launa but she was really understanding and took the time to listen to me and understand me as a person rather than just my ailments. She identified the cause of my ongoing health issues and provided me with nutritional and supplemental guidance. Launa also took the time to sum up in an email everything we had discussed including links to useful articles or supplements. Very useful for someone like me who easily forgets things. Launa's hands on treatment has significantly improved my digestive health and general wellbeing. The abdominal massage is brilliant and Launa always ensures the whole experience is very relaxing. I always leave feeling on cloud 9!

It was during my first treatment with Launa that she suggested colonic hydrotherapy to help relieve my constipation and stimulate my colon. I was concerned it would be an embarrassing and uncomfortable experience. I did however make the appointment upon Launa's recommendation. Upon meeting Alex I was instantly put at ease she made me feel relaxed. The setting is beautiful and calming. Alex took the time to explain the equipment, process and made sure at all times my dignity was maintained. The colonic left me feeling not only a lot lighter but cleansed and healthier. Alex was so kind and would follow up my sessions with an email and guidance on things I could do at home to improve my digestive health. After only a couple of sessions I have seen such a marked improvement and feel so much happier.

I have received treatment from both Alex and Launa and can honestly say they are both so professional, knowledgeable, kind and understanding. Its the little things they both do that make them stand out from anyone else.

I would honestly recommend Alex and Launa to anyone they have really helped me not only to address my concerns but alleviate some of the stress and anxiety I was feeling. I will certainly continue to seek treatment from them both.