I can certainly say that I had the best colonic experience to date.

6 days after a full hip replacement I found myself seeking the help of the very intuitive Alex Olds for a colonic therapy treatment. Although this is not the first treatment I've had of this kind, it certainly was the first time I'd journeyed to Alex's  Treatment room. Pulling into the private driveway directly in front of the large property was a welcome relief as often parking can be an especially difficult on a busy road but with multiple spaces available this box was well and truly ticked.


Alex had pre warned me that her treatment room was on the top floor so I tackled the 2 flights slowly but surely. I must say the effort was well and truly worth it as the moment I entered I felt totally at ease. What greeted me was a very relaxing and newly furnished peaceful treatment room. Immediately on entry Alex made me feel very welcome. Her en-suite bathroom was immaculately clean and adjacent to the treatment room so real ease of access. I explained my need, 7 days of heavy duty painkillers and a general anaesthetic meant some serious uncomfortable constipation, wind and bloating which I would ease after my treatment.


I have been to numerous clinics over the years both in the UK and the USA and I can certainly say that I had the best colonic experience to date. What stood Alex out from the crowd was her attention to detail. She had taken the time to provide some individual treatment from a herbalist friend as she genuinely felt for my plight. Her specialist fertility massage skills were also extremely helpful to achieve the success as multiple of releases which left me feeling so much lighter and brighter. What also shone through in Alex's treatment is that she is more focussed on the person and the connection rather than simply a conveyer belt of money orientated therapies.  I cannot sing Alex's praises enough especially with her warm heated treatment table had me so relaxed I could have stayed all day!


I'm pleased to report that since the treatment Alex's recommendations at the end of the therapy I've implemented and I have been able to not only clear my massive discomfort but have been able to completely stop my prescription pain killers to literally an occasional anti inflammatory as I feel my body is able to work more affectively and efficiently.