I have personally selected products for use in my treatments many of which are also available for resale. Other products are available which link to a healthy lifestyle.

Kama Ayurveda


Kama Ayurveda was started in 2002 in India, to promote the message of authentic Ayurveda, universally. Since then, creating pure Ayurvedic products according to authentic prescriptions has been the unique purpose of the brand.

Today, Kama Ayurveda’s high quality, beautifully packaged products are sold globally and used by some of the world’s leading hotels and spas. These products have received extensive coverage and recognition in various global and Indian publications including US Vogue, French Vogue, Japan Vogue, Harpers Bazaar and Tatler among others.

Known for its iconic beauty treatments such as Bringadi Intensive Hair Treatment and Kumkumadi Miraculous Beauty Fluid and Organic Coconut Oil, Kama Ayurveda has acquired a cult following globally among discerning beauty buyers looking for safe, gentle and efficient beauty treatments that are rooted in the ancient science of Ayurveda. Kama Ayurveda is available exclusively at Alex Olds Holistic Therapies. 

You can experience the unique aromas of these high quality products when receiving a treatment from the The Alex Olds Holistic Ayuverdic treatment range.

NHR Organic Oils

NHR Oils, head quartered in Brighton,  were founded in 1993 and are now one of the largest 100% certified organic essential oil companies in the world. Most other providers, including many top-range spas use "health and beauty" grade   which is to a lower standard and does not have the same therapeutic qualities. In contrast, the reason that pure, high grade organically-grown oils have such strong therapeutic qualities is because they contain a multitudinous variety of natural chemical components which remain pure and intact – whereas the low-quality oils have been adulterated to such an extent that these components are no longer present.

We are therefore very pleased to be able to offer these oils for our massage treatments (other than the Ayurvedic range (which uses another pure source of organic oils, Kama Ayurveda). These oils are also for sale in our treatment room in Lindfield, near Haywards Heath, Sussex.

Pukka Herbs

Pukka Herbs were founded in 2001, is based in Bristol and works with 5,000 growers world wide. Pukka's mission is to ensure that customers benefit from the natural powers of organic plants whilst the company nurtures the farmers who grow them responsibly. They are best known for their range of organic teas which are on sale also in the treatment room in Lindfield. However they have also an amazing range of supplements utilising something called "Wholisitc extracts" where a very high proportion of natural compounds are captured. These can play an important part in maintaining well-being.